360MSR Smartpay 360 Services:
MSR Smartpay works round the year for the clients, agencies and employees. The payroll process
begins as soon as you join as an employee and the last PAYE information is run through or system.

calendorWeekly routine:
Mon/Tues: Employee: Employees complete and submit their expense forms; detailing all they have incurred in the performance of their duties. Deadline for timesheet & expense submission is 5PM every Tuesday


tuesdayTuesday: Agency: MSR Smartpay receives information from respective Agency relating to employees’ hours work and rate completed in the previous week. Once information is received; MSR processes the information and invoice the agencies.

wednesdayWednesday: MSR Smartpay check, validate and finalises pay for each employee and payroll is run. As soon as payroll is completed, employee receives SMS confirmation of their net pay and payslip is emailed to each employee. Employee:  Text message is sent to employee confirming net pay after completion of payroll.

thursdayThursday: Employee: All payslips are sent via e-mail to the employees; MSR Smartpay consultants are handy to resolve any query.


agencyAgency: Consultant from the agency will send MSR employees payroll report. MSR receives funds from the agency for the respective invoices issued earlier in the week. MSR payroll consultants are ready to provide and resolve any pay queries.

fridayFriday: Employee: Employee receives funds into the nominated personal bank account. All new starter information needs to be sent to MSR Smartpay payroll no later than 5PM Friday. The information is updated in the system for the payroll process to begin again on Monday.


agenciesAgency: MSR Smartpay Consultants exchange information with the agencies in respect of the new starters. New starter information needs to be sent to MSR payroll no later than 5PM Friday.




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