Company Profile

  • MSR SmartPay is an Independent and not a member of a group of companies.
    We are registered and trade in the UK.

  • We confirm with HMRC to operate a VAT exempt vehicle (e.g. for instance VAT Exemption in line with the HMRC VAT Notice 501/75 Nursing Agencies Concession).

  • All workers through our umbrella company are subject to an overarching contract of employment

  • All workers are paid PAYE, no part of the workers’ salary will be subject to any tax treatment other than PAYE.

  • No payments are made to Limited Companies, Self Employed Contractors, Sole Trader or any other such entity.

  • All payments are subject to PAYE, and we do not make any other payment arrangements included but not limited to:
    a. Dividends, Loans, Employee Benefit Trusts
    b. Contractor Benefit Trusts, Shares

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